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An experienced wine photographer can capture the essence of your wine. More than just making the bottle look elegant, wine photography is about capturing the things that make your wine unique, and conveying those feelings. With decades of experience behind him, Brent Parker Jones knows what it takes to transform a simple bottle into something beautiful. By combining his experience as a food and bottle photographer with his knowledge of cooking and food styling he can deliver outstanding results. Call 0419 390 765 to discuss your needs with him today.

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Full Bottle Photography Studio

Brent’s studio in Melbourne is fitted out with everything needed to take incredible photos. With the latest in photographic technology and an immense library of props, Brent can create almost any image you’re thinking of. If you have ideas in mind or are working with a completely blank slate, Brent can work with you to plan and capture impressive images of your wine and wine bottle. Create a visual experience for viewers that draws attention and creates customers.

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Wine in Context

When it comes down to it, most are simply attracted to the best-looking wine. But when every brand has incredible wine bottle photography, how do you stand out? This is where Brent’s wine and food photography experience comes in. Creating a scene for your photo and capturing your wine in context allows the customer to visually experience your wine. Convey flavour, tone and personality through the use of food and props, and position your wine in your customer’s mind as a cut above the rest.

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Wine Glass Photography

Capturing good photos your wine in the glass or next to it can be a challenge. You’re working with different materials, different mediums and trying to balance the image based on light and where you want the focus to be. If you’re looking to capture the essence of your wine with wine glass photography, Brent can provide the images you’re searching for. Talk to him about this service today.

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When it comes to wine photography, Brent Parker Jones is one of the industry’s leaders. Brent is passionate about good food and wine, and has the skill you need to convey your wine in the best way possible. As well as wine glass photography, Brent also offers bottle photography for products and foods, capturing eye-catching images of your product for marketing, advertising and more. Call today on 0419 390 765 to book a meeting.