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Anyone can take pictures of fruit. But capture everything that encapsulates your subject in a single frame, that takes experience. Brent Parker Jones is a leading food and fruit photographer. Combining his skills as a photographer and as a food stylist, Brent creates engaging and memorable images that draw your audience in and show them how good fruit can really look. Whether you need photos for a magazine, blog, website or for your business, Brent can come up with a solution that meets your needs. Book a consultation with Brent to discuss fruit photography today.

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Innovative Fruit Photography

Using all the tools available in his studio, Brent can create unique and innovative imagery that is sure to capture attention. With a full kitchen, impressive prop library and the latest in photographic technology, Brent can transform the way you look at fruit. Work with him to create the effect you’re looking for, tell a story with your photos and reach your audience better.

fruit photography service
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Brent has worked with a wide variety of clients, from local fruit stores to blogs and global brands. He can help you boost visibility for your product, help you reach a specific audience, or simply provide you with incredible fruit photos to display wherever you want to. Book a consultation with Brent today and let him guide you through process to create what you’re looking for. Alternatively, provide Brent with an overview of your goals and he’ll work to create images that will help you achieve them. Call now on 0419 390 765 for professional fruit photography.