Dessert Photography Service

Brent Parker Jones has decades of experience in dessert photography, turning desserts into incredible eye catching photos for blogs, magazines, marketing and advertising. Combining creativity and innovation with years of experience, Brent has all the tools necessary to bring you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re creating your bestselling desert cookbook or you need impressive photos for a new marketing campaign, Brent can capture pictures that speak to you audience or customers and meet your needs. Call today to talk to Brent about your food photography needs.

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dessert photography services

Full Dessert Photography Studio

Brent’s Melbourne studio has everything he needs to take great photos of desserts. From a fully equipped kitchen and photography studio to a prop library with thousands of props, you can craft the way your desserts look down to the finest of details. Regardless of whether you’re coming with ideas or you have no idea what to expect, Brent can work with you to generate great results. Book a consultation today.

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professional dessert photography service

Dessert Advertising Photography

A professional dessert photographer can transform your dessert into something amazing. Brent has worked with numerous brands across Australia, capturing their desserts for a wide audience. With excellent commercial photography skills, Brent works to showcase your product and increase sales by grabbing the attention of and appealing to your target market.

professional dessert photography services
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Call us For Food Photography Services

best dessert photography services
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Years of Experience Photographing Food

Brent can draw on his decades of experience in food photography, from fruit photography to wine photography, to bring the best aspects of your dessert to the forefront. Regardless of whether you can make it to the studio or not, Brent has what it takes to style and arrange your dessert. He can start from scratch and create the dessert to be photographed in the kitchen, then take it to the studio where the right props and framing will make it really stand out.

best professional dessert photography service
best professional dessert photography services

Book a Consultation Today

If you need a dessert photographed, Brent is the man for the job. Brent is passionate about food and photography, and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. He understands that every food and every project is different, and that each requires a unique and tailored approach. If you’re looking for a dessert photographer that cares about your dessert, your needs, and your success contact Brent Parker Jones today. Discuss your needs and get started creating incredible photos.