Indian Food Photography

Indian food is one of the most vibrant and interesting cuisines. With colourful spices and herbs, and a range of meats and vegetables, it’s also one of the most interesting cuisines to photography. If you’re thinking about improving your Indian food photography skills, you’ll find a few tips on this page that will help. However, if you’re looking to get professional food photography for your business, for marketing, or for advertising, Brent Parker Jones can deliver incredible results. Book a meeting today.

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indian food photography

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How to Take Great Photos of Indian Food

While a beautiful curry is always going to draw attention, a curry by itself isn’t always going to make a great photo. If you’re looking to take better photos of Indian food, it’s important to use all the elements available to you to bring the best out of your subject. The spices that make up the dish, interesting backdrops and traditional textures, and the bowls and plates you use can all really enhance your photos when placed tastefully. Try building out a scene with your main dish as the centre subject. Play with the colours and shapes, or get creative and include elements of the cooking process or the dish’s history in the image. Just remember not to take too much away from the subject.

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indian food tips

Professional Indian Food Photography

Brent Parker Jones is a professional food photographer with years of experience in Indian food photography. With a full studio and kitchen at his disposal, as well as an enormous library of food photography props, Brent can create and tailor your food to perfection, capturing it in a way that engages your audience and achieves the result you’re looking for. Whether you’ve worked with a professional food photographer before or you’ve never even seen a camera, Brent can work with you to create something incredible. Talk to Brent about Indian food photography today.