Seafood Photography Service

With decades of food photography experience behind him, Brent Parker Jones can transform the way seafood looks behind the lens. Get professional seafood photography for advertising, ecommerce, marketing and more. Brent can make your food look its best, creating eye-catching imagery that will generate attention and sales, whether you’re creating a new cookbook or advertising your product or restaurant. Call today to book a consultation and discuss your needs.

At his Melbourne-based studio, Brent has all the tools required to take incredible photos. From a fully equipped kitchen to prepare fresh seafood on-site and from scratch, to a photography studio with the latest technology and a complete food photography prop library, there are no limitations when it comes to getting the perfect picture of your seafood. Work with Brent to put your ideas on film, or let Brent take creative control and provide you with results that capture your seafood in a new light. Whatever results you’re looking for, Brent can work with you to make it happen.


Food Styling

As well as being a prolific food photographer, Brent has extensive experience arranging and styling food. Understanding how each element on a plate works is an invaluable skill for seafood photography. When combined with photographic knowledge you can bring out the best in a subject, changing the way it’s viewed depending on how it is arranged. It’s the difference between a meal being simply delicious, or being a feast for the eyes. View Brent’s gallery for a view into what he can do for you.


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For professional seafood photography, Brent Parker Jones is your man. With a passion for making food look incredible, he can transform your product or seafood dish into an incredible series of images you can use for marketing, advertising or anything else. Brent has worked with anyone and everyone, from recipe book authors and bloggers to restaurants and global brands. Book a consultation with him today.