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The food photography props you use can make or break your photo. It’s important to choose props that both complement your food and add to the image itself, changing and enhancing the style to give you the result you’re looking for. At his studio in Melbourne, Brent Parker Jones has Australia’s largest library of food photography props. If you need food photography props for a project Brent can provide you with the props you need. Browse online at and hire the props you need or contact Brent today about your needs.

studio photo shoot prop equipment
studio photo shoot equipment

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Why Use Food Photography Props

While you can take great photos of food on the plates you’ve got in your kitchen, to create incredible food photography a selection of plates, cutlery, materials, glasses and more is essential. Using the colours and textures of different materials you can tailor the backdrop of your photos to change the feel and make them more interesting. For example, darker props can make your pictures warmer and keep the focus on the food, while lighter and more colourful props can draw the eye and direct focus in the image. Start experimenting with props and figure out a style that works for you!

studio photo shoot props
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Hire a Food Photographer and Props

If you’re looking for a skilled food photographer to capture pictures your food, Brent can get you the results you’re looking for. With years of experience and access to a seemingly limitless range of food photography props, he’s delivered incredible results for restaurants, bloggers, global brands and more. Get food photography or props for food photos today by contacting him today on 0419 390 765.