brent parker jones food photographer

One has to eat to survive and we all make conscious choices every time we do!

The objective of a food photographer I believe, is to communicate and embellish those choices.

… Brent Parker Jones Food Photographer

One of Brent Parker Jones Food Photographers’ many food ideologies like above, begins with choosing food photography as the way he communicates to the world around him, and it’s the creative conscious choices Brent and his team make, that communicates and connects the wider story of the brief and to the final image.

Ten percent luck and ninety percent commitment …

to hard work has seen Brent survive, excel and even specialise in the competitive world of food photography.  Specialisation in any other industry sounds dangerous.  But as Brent explains, “when your life is so closely aligned to the way you see yourself and how you hope that others see you. You kind of have no other choice”  He continues

My work as a committed, passionate, dedicated food photographer equals my life and the way I wish to live it.”

“Historical forces shape and make us grow. I am still growing and learning everyday”

Brent has years of food photography experience and has worked at the big and small end of the Food photography spectrum.  Brent takes pleasure in working with anyone within the food world. From start-ups and their new exciting new food brand,  to the lovely Mum and Dad fish chip and burger shops, to pho noodle bars and restaurants. But he is equally at ease with  larger restaurant groups, chains and franchises.  Along with major supermarkets, cookbooks, magazines, health plans, apps, and multiple household named brands. And of course, packaging and advertising, lending his passion and  years of invaluable experience working with fellow creative marketers and agencies in the FMCG creative design space.    “I haven’t worked for or meet everyone yet! but the day is still early, there is plenty of time and I am still growing my studio towards one of everything and pushing to deliver my best everyday” “So, Call me! “he laughs. And he has a big laugh.

That said, Brent places a great deal of importance and pride upon client retention.  “I know it’s a strange one” he admits, he states “I get a real sense of pride, It’s the reward for a job well met and a healthy sign you have delivered on your promises and are as committed as your clients are. “ He says;  “I love my clients and watching them grow more and more successful each time we meet. And I really hold dear the small part I have played in process. “Brent continued to say “I am lucky, most my clients are just passionate foodies like myself. They love and live their brands, produce and products as if they are their world. My clients also get that I just want the very, very best for them. I want them to walk back to the office and say take a look at the beautiful work we all have done. 

Back in 2009, Brent tested his cooking abilities, food knowledge and his creative expertise by competing in the first season of Masterchef Australia.

It was a long time ago,” Brent says “but all the fun aside, I still have that same zest for food and its photography. I’d gladly put my reputation on the line again to show my single-minded focus on food.”

Though he was voted out tactically at number 15, the experience has played a large role in continuing to shape the way he views his work and his passion for working with food.
Putting myself out there like that was challenging, but this was me putting my money where my mouth is, to prove my commitment to my craft and all things food

brent parker jones food photographer