Andrews Choice Salumi Hanging
Andrews Choice Salumi Hanging

The shoot for Andrew’s is what happens when you get three very passionate people on a zoom call talking about their industry, their craft and what their work brings to the world.

The client introduced me to a word that the Greeks have for it. Meraki [may-rah-kee] (adjective). Greek’s often use the word to describe the passion, creativity, the sharing of the soul, and of course, love.

My shoot with the family team at Andrew’s ( Formally Andrew’s Choice ) was all that and a shoot I am very proud of. It was possibly the most hands-on brief I have worked on for a while.

The last time ( approx 10 years ) we shot together, we changed the way smoked meats, smallgoods and premium hams were shot and have hung proudly for all this time in shops across Melbourne.

The images have really stood the test of time, and this shoot we wanted to capture a range of shots that were just as timeless, showing the artisan at work and celebrating the passion, the brilliance of Andrew and his craft.